SCFIT Central: Home of Second City CrossFit BHX

The cat’s finally out of the bag… SCFIT Central is proud to be AFFILIATED!

What does this mean?

CrossFit Affiliates form a global network of gyms, whose priority is making a positive impact on their communities, through delivering world class coaching and providing members with a completely accessible, scalable and inclusive environment for improving their fitness and health for the long term. By becoming a CrossFit Affiliate, SCFIT Central can be identified as a CrossFit gym, and can now be found of the official CrossFit Affiliate Map!

Why have we chosen to become a CrossFit Affiliate?

We believe CrossFit is the best and most rigorous, scientifically backed method to produce results for anyone and everyone, regardless of age, ability and starting level. It goes above and beyond improving strength and fitness, and has been proven to reverse and prevent many chronic diseases, equipping members with movement patterns, strength, skills and fitness for life.

The CrossFit Methodology has always been at the heart of the services we offer at SFCIT and the coaching we provide, and CrossFit’s values align with ours. The time has come for SCFIT Central to be part of the movement, and be identified as a facility that celebrates and embraces the CrossFit culture and standards of coaching.

I’m a member at SCFIT Central. How will this impact me?

You might notice some small changes in the terminology we use, but we will be delivering the same inclusive, coached, engaging functional fitness you know and love! Expect to see our team constantly working to improve their skills, striving to deliver the very best coaching. Whilst the coaching team at SCFIT are already all qualified as CrossFit L1 Trainers as a minimum, we as a team plan to further our expertise, looking to continually upskill and develop using the CrossFit trainer programmes, courses and support.

Are we changing name / re-branding?

No; we are still SCFIT Central, but are now proud to be the home of Second City CrossFit BHX! In the same way that our sister gym, SCFIT South, is the home of Second City CrossFit. Affiliated CrossFit gyms must each have a unique name, so we’ve worked with CrossFit UK to appoint one for SCFIT Central.

I’m not yet a member. Can I try it out?

Yes! Until further notice, we are still offering a one-week FREE trial for prospective members, so you have nothing to lose! Simply register via this link and get involved!

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